Onions, a reason of joy for a family living in Varnița

Vasile Urîta, together with his brother Alexandru, own over one hundred hectares of agricultural land in the area of the "Varnița" centralized irrigation system . They grow potatoes, beets, carrots, cabbage, but these days are harves

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15 October,2021

12 October,2021

08 October,2021


10 August 2021

TERMEN EXTINS - “Reabilitarea parțială a stației de pompare SP-1 și extinderea ariei de deservire a Sistemului Centralizat de Irigare „Gura Căinarului”, com. Gura Căinarului, r-nul Florești

06 August 2021

Executive Assistant - Extended Deadline

05 July 2021

Executive Assistant

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The Sustainable Development Account Moldova (SDA Moldova) is a public entity, the successor of the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova, established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova to ensure the sustainability of the investments made under the Compact Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the United States of America, successfully implemented from 2010 to 2015. SDA Moldova has the role to continue the Compact projects that invested in the transition to high value agriculture and road infrastructure in Moldova in order to contribute to poverty reduction through economic growth, by promoting a model for effective management of infrastructure investments, providing assistance to Water Users’ Associations established by farmers, facilitating the access to funding and expanding the irrigated areas.