Irrigation Infrastructure Expansion

After Compact completion, the successor entity – SDA Moldova, must ensure the sustainability of investments in the irrigation infrastructure by continuing efforts to develop the environment that is conducive to and encouraging the transition to high value agriculture. Given that the 10 irrigation systems rehabilitated with the Compact support were the first irrigation systems rehabilitated in Moldova, to ensure the sustainability of these investments is one of SDA Moldova’s priorities. This is also the objective of the irrigation infrastructure expansion activity.

The irrigation infrastructure expansion activity will mainly focus on ensuring the efficient operation of Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) and providing support to the Apele Moldovei Agency, leading to the sustainability of the rehabilitated irrigation systems.

SDA Moldova will provide support to WUAs and Apele Moldovei Agency to put in place efficient practices for operation and maintenance of irrigation systems, particularly in the first year of operation, and assistance during the defect notification period.

Additionally, SDA Moldova intends to expand the irrigation infrastructure by rehabilitating at least one module of the Chircani-Zirnesti irrigation system and will continue efforts to identify alternatives for the rehabilitation of the drainage system of the Cahul irrigation system, which originally was included for rehabilitation with Compact support. The complexity of these works will be determined following a feasibility study to be conducted by SDA Moldova. This study will identify the factors (technical, economic, social and environmental) that might impact operation and maintenance, as well as the potential for ensuring the sustainability of the drainage system to be rehabilitated, or other development alternatives for the region.


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