Promotion of Effective Public Implementation Capacity


The successful implementation of the Compact reconfirmed the importance of having a highly professional entity capable to efficiently implement big and complex infrastructure and development projects. In this respect, the Sustainable Development Account Moldova as the successor entity of the Millennium Challenge Account intends to exploit the skills and experience acquired during the Compact implementation for designing and implementing new projects that are critical for the sustainable development of the country.

The efforts to promote the public implementation capacity will focus on sharing the experience and skills acquired during Compact implementation in order to serve as a model for the government agencies and institutions for efficient management of public and donor funds.

The key tasks of this activity group around:

  • Promoting capacity to implement development projects and programs supported by international financial institutions;
  • Providing assistance to the government agencies and institutions interested in a model for effective management of public funds;
  • Providing support to the Moldovan government institutions involved in reporting, monitoring and evaluation activities deriving from the Compact Agreement.

SDA Moldova promotes the adoption of the best transparency and efficiency practices in donor programs and uses the Millennium Challenge Corporation guidelines, policies and procedures, in particular related to procurement, financial and administrative management, as well as risk management. SDA Moldova particularly will share its best practices such as transparency at all the procurement stages, starting with bidding announcement to the contract award stage; approval and payment procedures for deliverables; budgeting, reporting and control procedures to ensure efficient financial management. Strong focus will be on sharing anti-fraud and corruption policies and procedures, by disseminating examples of coordination of the activities carried out together with government and international institutions and project beneficiaries.  


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