The Steering Committee approves SDA Moldova activity results for 2019 and the activity plan for 2020-2021

On Friday, 27th of December, the Steering Committee of SDA Moldova gathered in a meeting to examine a series of topics, among which the results of SDA Moldova in 2019 and the priorities set by the institution for 2020-2021.

Starting off the meeting, Liliana Iaconi, the General Secretary of the Government welcomed the Committee members and the USAID representative in Moldova, delegated by the US Embassy in Chisinau, as a member of the Committee with observer rights. At the same time, Ms Iaconi highlighted the positive impact of the investments done from US Government funds on the economy of Moldova, during Compact and post-Compact periods.

In her speech, Valentina Badrajan, Executive Director of SDA Moldova informed the Committee about the level of implementation of activities planned for 2019, as well as about the main directions of activity for 2020-2021.

Therefore, in regard to SDA Moldova activity in 2019, among the main results achieved to ensure the sustainability of investments in the irrigation infrastructure and the support of management transfer towards Water User Associations (WUAs), there was the launch of the selection for investment projects in the irrigation infrastructure, where 5 WUAs were chosen for financing towards the extension of their irrigated lands and the rehabilitation of several components from the centralized irrigation systems. The additional investments done by SDA Moldova will facilitate the extension of irrigated areas and optimize the irrigation process, which will allow for a more efficient irrigation on a surface of over 1600 ha, from which will benefit 500 land owners.

At the same time, mentioning the support offered to WUAs in the process of managing, maintaining and exploiting the irrigation infrastructure rehabilitated during Compact Program, Ms Badrajan mentioned the consistent consultative support offered by SDA Moldova team in the process of the appropriate organization and management of centralized irrigation systems.

For 2020-2021, according to the activity plan of the institution, SDA Moldova will consolidate its efforts in the following main directions: ensuring the sustainability of investments in the irrigation infrastructure and supporting the transfer management towards WUAs, continuing investments in the irrigation infrastructure, offering support to governmental institutions in their activity of coordinating policies, offering assistance to external investments projects, as well as facilitating the access to finance for farmers.

A distinct and important activity for the following years concerns the support offered to newly created WUAs in the post-Compact period, as well as continuing to offer support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment and Apele Moldovei Agency in the irrigation sector reform. This activity aims to create the premise for a sustainable rural development and the stimulation of local farmers to access and develop high-value agriculture.

During the meeting, there were also approved the results of the financial audit for 2018, the procurement plan for 2020 and the revised policy about prevention and fighting fraud and corruption in the activities of the institution.

Encouraging the efforts and initiatives of SDA Moldova in offering assistance to WUA in their maintenance of the irrigation infrastructure, the Steering Committee members approved the activity plan and the institution’s budget for 2020-2021.


Domestic fruits will be competitive on the European markets when modern storage and processing technologies will be applied
It is a member of the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters „Moldova-Fruct” and one of the companies that are allowed to export fruit to Russia.
Interest rates on Compact loans have dropped
The annual interest rates on the Compact Credit Facility loans provided to participating banks revised in May 2012 will apply till August 31, 2012.
1 USD from Compact loans causes 1.74 USD to be invested in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova
11 loans amounting to 2.94 million USD were provided by the end of May for investments in construction of cold storage and procurement of associated equipment for storing fresh fruit and vegetables and other investments in post-harvest infrastructure in Moldova.