Consultative Group

The MCA Moldova Consultative Group is an advisory body the mission of which is to ensure ongoing dialogue between MCA Moldova and beneficiaries, representatives of the civil society and public authorities during Compact implementation. The Consultative Group has 7 members selected for a 2-year term of office – three members represent the civil society, two members come from the private sector and the other two members represent the local public authorities.

The Consultative Group has the following functions:

a)      ensure consultation throughout the implementation of projects;

b)      engage representatives of stakeholders and beneficiaries in project implementation;

c)      consult MCA Moldova and provide advice on project implementation;

d)     designate representatives of the private sector and civil society as members of the MCA Moldova Steering Committee;

e)      review, as requested by MCA Moldova, reports, agreements and other documents.

According to the procedures laid down in the MCA Moldova Bylaws, the representatives of the civil society and private sector to the Consultative Group are selected through competition. To this end a Consultative Group membership selection regulation was developed and approved by the MCA Moldova Steering Committee. The other two members that represent local public authorities are nominated by the State Chancellery.

The current representatives of the civil society and private sector to the Consultative Group are well known and active opinion-makers, while the organizations they represent are also well-known and active in the Compact areas. The representatives of the local public authorities represent the localities covered by the Compact projects.

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